Valentines Day is just around the corner so you know what that means, time to shop for that special someone! I made it easy for you guys don’t worry. I went ahead and picked out a bunch of goodies!

1/ I know it’s an obvious choice but sometimes you men need to be reminded! Flowers are a must and any girl that says she does not want any is lying. Get them. 2/ This Gucci is not only festive for the day of love but it is the perfect cross body   3/ The Zoey tracksuit pink adorable, comfortable and shows some skin  4/ Not the sexiest gift but this blowdryer is life changing and every girl needs one! 5/ You can never go wrong with some bling and this Love necklace is perfect. 6/Adidas running shoes are so comfy and cute 7/ Truffle chocolates! These go hand in hand flowers. 8/ Fitbit watch is a must if your girl is active. 9/ Perfume by Coco chanel smells like heaven. 10/Lawless lipsticks for that perfect Valentines Day pout!




1/ Chocolate covered strawberries- Who says men don’t love to be treated to some chocolates too?! I have sent Ale chocolate covered strawberries and balloons and he loved it! 2/A proper shaving kit to keep his beard nice and smooth 3/Fitbit always a hit 4/ Rail slides, easy peasy 5/ Santal cologne (smells so good!) 6/ Bose bluetooth an absolute must! 7/ SVIPE varsity jacket (stylish and warm) 7/ Printed socks is always a fun accessory 8/ boxers something guys can’t live without!