I like to think/tell myself that we have seasons in Los Angeles, however this is not the case. I hope every year that we will have Fall in September but the reality is we get “Fall” weather in January. Every Christmas is warm and my husband and I are in in T-shirts. Sure most people would be thrilled to have this weather but I have come to the conclusion that I am deep down a seasonal gal and absolutely love cold weather and rain. As I have mentioned before I am not a Summer person.

I have a closet full of coats, jackets and boots that sadly only get worn when I travel somewhere that require wearing them. Thankfully we travel to places that do get below 70 degrees several times a year. Every Fall/Winter season the malls and stores fill up with incredible coats and I daydream about wearing them in Aspen or Iceland (my DREAM Is to visit Iceland). I settle for a thin leather jacket such as this Maje leather jacket I am wearing. I bought this one before our wedding and have worn it over and over again. I am a big fan of Maje. The leather is soft and the fit is snug in a good way.

Let’s discuss these boots shall we? I was in Portland last month and I discovered upon arriving that they don’t have TAX. Do you know what this means for a shopaholic like myself?! It was basically like being at Disneyland.  I went into a full blown panic when I entered Nordstroms. I knew they would have good designers but CHANEL!? This was a very exciting surprise.

It obviously would have been irresponsible of me not to buy something so I decided on these Chanel booties. When I saw that they were Navy and black I  gasped. The leather is exquisite and the two tone is just so beautiful. Naturally they did not have my size but lucky for me my oldest and dearest high school friend Dana who I was visiting lives in Portland so I was able to have the shoes sent to her and she sent them to me =). So now not only do I have amazing new boots for Fall I have a souvenir from Oregon.







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