As much as I love to get dressed up I am a jeans and t-shirt/tracksuit kind of gal these days. A huge inspiration behind creating the Zoey tracksuit was my new lifestyle. Once Ale and I moved out of the city my style dramatically changed and I am so happy it did. Living in the city I constantly felt I had to be put together 24/7 and it was just exhausting. I love fashion and I love to style my outfits but when you are working from home and going downtown multiple times a week there’s just no time to get “decked” out. When i designed the Zoey tracksuit i had in mind comfort and style. I wanted to create a stylish tracksuit that made women feel confident and sexy at the same time and I believe i did achieve this. I am working on a new collection for women now and i can not wait to share with you girls (and guys of course!). I styled the Zoey with my Iro leather jacket to give it a bit more of an edge but it keep it casual still with my adidas gazelle sneakers and my mini Alexander Wang backpack that I am OBSESSED with. I rock this tracksuit day and night and always like to add an accessory to spruce it up. P.S. the Zoey also comes in dusty pink!