This is a post I have been wanting to do for a while now. Lately I have had a really hard time with social media. I am struggling to find a balance. For my profession I need to be up to date constantly, in the know and on top of all the apps, social channels, filters, the list goes on and on.

I find myself waking up stressed out because I need to have new content for my instagram and blog. I have days where I don’t leave the house, have no time to take pictures or to be totally honest I am in my workout clothes all day.

On one hand social media is amazing. I have met so many cool people, discovered new restaurants, travel, recipes, fitness. Being able to see my friends from all over the world, see their children grow up. From that point of you It’s wonderful. However, there is the other side of social media. The negative, draining, fake, egotistic, showy side of it. That side of it is what has me completely fed up and majorly over it all. It’s all so phony and not realistic. My goal is to hopefully inspire people and on some level be relatable. I never want to make anyone feel bad about themselves. And I find many bloggers do that.

I have set some boundaries and time limits for social media. When I am out with my husband and friends I try my best to limit my time on my phone and be as present as possible because being in the moment is what life is all about. If I am looking down at my phone I missing it all and how sad is that?