Happy Monday and Happy first day of May! HOW is it already May? I truly can not understand. I wanted to have mine and Ale’s OOTD up last week but I got the WORST food poisoning of my life and was out of commission for 5 days.

I am also waiting on the boys to send me Ale’s looks…. so I will continue to nag at them until i get all outfits.

Okay back to me. This NYC trip was not my usual NY trip. Typically when I go I plan out my outfits heavily and have certain looks specifically for NYC. However this trip was work and comfort. I didn’t even pack one pair of heels. I was in sneakers and flat boots the entire time. I no joke walked about 50 miles the entire trip. I DESPISE cabs and ubers in the city (along with the subway) so I walked my little heart out. These gazelle adidas are so comfy and make me feel like i am 17 again so it’s a win win. I also packed my golden goose sneakers and yeezy’s. Comfort is key!!