What it’s like buying a $600,000 car!



Ale has a deep love for camo so when I saw these Zanerobe pants I obvioulsy had to get them. MAJOR fan of Zanerobe. Got Ale a couple pairs of pants and an amazing jacket you guys will see soon!

Ale is wearing:

Rag & Bone thermal (size M)/ Zanerobe pants (size 32)/ Fendi sneakers/ H&M hat/ Cartier roadster watch/ Ray Ban aviators



Picking up my Porsche 918!


Did I just ruin this collector car?! #ootd

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    You and the guys should Look to get a 1989-1995 Ford Thunderbird SC 5spd Supercharged only 2500 a year were made. Mine runs 10.20 1/4mile @ 130mph top speed 160. It can Smoke grandsport corvettes, camaro ss, cobra mustangs, pontiac gtp’s, and a ton of others.. it won car of the year 7yrs in a row, it was way ahead of its time And still is. You won’t regret it all all , it’s an incredible vehicle. Would love to see your guys reactions. So please look for one, there getting quite rare… I need to make a video of it to put on my channel I have a rc car that goes 120mph and. A rc boat that goes 80mph WEBSLINGERCJ #2 YouTube… ps love how you edit the show… K well ill cya, ur bud webz

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