It’s officially November and the Christmas tree at the Grove is up and I am full blown panicking about it. I am not emotionally or mentally ready for it to be the Holidays. The invitations and save the dates are ALREADY rolling in and I am just not there yet. Somehow every year not only seems to go by quicker but everything seems to start earlier to. Halloween decor was out in September and 2 weeks ago I was at Target and the Christmas decor was out. Can we all just relax and enjoy each Holiday and not be thinking about the following one while the one for the current month hasn’t even happened yet?

I guess not since I am already planning out my Holiday looks to shoot. It really all started because of these red velvet Saint Laurent heels. I clearly did not need a red velvet heel but I also couldn’t control myself and had to have them. The color is so rich and perfect for the upcoming festivities. I have to admit at first they were not comfortable but as the hours passed they became less painful. I also don’t know if they hurt because I truly do not wear heels anymore. I am ALWAYS in flats. True story guys. I am all about comfort as I have mentioned many many times.

This silk blouse and skirt are from Asos and they are perfect for any upcoming Holiday party or event. Very ladylike, classy and dressy. I also love this color combo together- black, navy and red. I wouldn’t necessary bring this Celine Tote out at night because it is a bit big but any black or red cross body would do the trick








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  1. Loling at the first paragraph here and agree. It’s basically Valentines day already according to CVS. Also I need those shoes.. I bought blue velvet ones from Maje and they’re not that comfortable either. I love your honesty haha. XOX

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