It took me years to get Alejandro on board with high tops but once I did there was no turning back. He always felt he “couldn’t pull it off” (no idea why he thought that) but once i got him to try them and style them he loved them. To me high tops give an outfit a bit more of an edge and elevates the look. It is great way to replace wearing a boot. A sleek pair of black high tops like the common projects one  (# 1) is the perfect option. Of course if you want a more down to earth vibe you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Vans which now come in a million colors and also in leather to give it a dressy feel. Above are some of my current favorites. Shop the post below!

1/ Common Projects 2/ Puma 3/ Nike Jordan’s 4/ Vans 5/ Koio sneakers  6/ Reeboks  7/ Vans 8/ Coach