I started boxing 2.5 years ago and have been addicted ever since. I first joined because for years my husband (fiancè/boyfriend at the time) would never workout with me. Fitness has always been a huge part of my life so it would always upset me that we weren’t active together and I would envy those couples who would workout together. I discovered Prevail Los Angeles  on instagram and immediately asked me husband (fiancè at the time) if he would go to a boxing class. He quickly replied yes and I aggressively signed us up for the first class available. We both were hooked after one class and signed up for a year membership ( I was totally dying and could barely finish the class but I was willing to suffer if it mean that we were FINALLY going to be active together!).  We started off with 1 or 2 classes a week and quickly graduated to 5 times a week. We were also getting married in 6 months so it was the perfect excuse to step up up our workout (sweating for the wedding am I right?).

Boxing is hands down the most amazing workout. Not only physically but mentally. It is the one time of day I can actually be focused and present (mainly because I am trying not to die the 50 min I am getting my booty kicked). It’s 50 minutes of non stop activity, hip-hop blasting and punching a bag. Any anxiety I have is left on the bag. Prevail has the greatest coaches and by far the best energy and staff. They have become family.

My hubby and I still go weekly and workout together. And every time we go to class I have a big smile on my face because boxing is now “our activity”.


Stut this top| Sturt this Pants| Nike Shoes

Photos by Felicia Lasala