Looking at these pictures i STILL can’t believe my husband and I were lucky enough to attend the amfAR Gala while we were in Cannes. It was held at the incredible Hotel du cap Eden Roc. I have always DREAMED of going to this hotel so I broke out into a full panic when I was told the event was going to be there. Unfortunatly I did not have enough time to explore the property but I told my husband that we must go back and stay at the hotel. Arriving to the hotel was total chaos and amazingness at the same time. The red carpet was full of Super Models and Hollywood Starlets. I was just looking for the champagne and appetizers. We got to the infamous stairs that lead you down and that’s when I totally panicked and forced my husband to take 20329347 pictures of me. Like I mentioned in my previous post I ordered my gowns days before we left. This floral gown is a PROM DRESS that was made in China and It was $300. You guys I am not joking! The amount of compliments I got was almost comical. So many women kept coming up to me and asking me “Who I was wearing”! I was dying and couldn’t believe the attention the dress got.  Everyone was in couture and I was in my prom dress, hysterical right!?

The evening was incredible and we got to see Katy Perry performed which was obviously the highlight for me. Oh and seeing Leo DiCaprio about 10 inches away from us giving a speech wasn’t to shabby either.