Come January 1st everyone wants to hit the gym but typically this “new year new me I am going to be healthy” attitude does not last past the 3rd week of January. Well, I am here to help you! Wellness is a huge part of my life and working out 5 days a week is critical for my health. I never take a day for granted and feel so fortunate I am healthy and strong! I know it can be an adjustment but I promise once you have a routine you love there’s no turning back. For me new workout gear is always super motivating and it get’s me excited for my workout. Feeling good in your workout gear is also key! You don’t want to feel frumpy when you are trying to get motivated! So do not worry I have you guys covered in the activewear department!

1.Under Armour shirt  2. Nike training hoodie 3. Reebok training hoodie 4. Adidas hoodie 5. Under Armour zip up hoodie 6. ASICS running shoes 7. Nike socks  8. Adidas running shoes 9. Reebok shorts 10. Nike running pants 11.Under Armour training pants 12. Reebok camo shorts